Services offered


I sell a wide range of Sussex apple varieties, including Saltcote Pippin, Tinsley Quince, Hawkridge and Crawley Beauty. See all.


Courses and training in a wide range of orchard skills, including grafting and the care of young fruit trees.


Assistance with all aspects of planning and planting orchards, including community orchards.


I teach a course in fruit tree grafting. I also graft to order individual varieties.


Pruning for individual trees or orchards.

Sussex Apple Tree Varieties for Sale: Click to view

alfriston apple variety
Coronation apple
Crawley Beauty apple
Crawley Reinette apple
Doctor Hogg apple
eastbourne pippin apple variety
Edmund Jupp apple variety
Egremon Russet apples
First and Last apple
Forge apple
golden bounty apple variety
Golden Pippin apple
Hawkridge apple
lady hopetown apple variety
mareda apple variety
nanny apple variety
Saltcote Pippin apple
Stanmer Pippin apple
Tinsley Quince apple
Wadhurst Pippin apple

Peter May is a fruit tree grower and orchard advisor. He runs courses in orchard planting, orchard care, as well as fruit tree grafting for Brighton Permaculture Trust and Plumpton College. He is a contributing author for Apples & Orchards in Sussex, a cultural history of apple growing in Sussex. Peter has spent the last 14 years growing, researching and planting apple varieties which have a close link to the county of Sussex.

Peter May